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I consider music to be the voice of the silenced, the voice of the black community. When the words on a page are no longer strong enough to execute the emotions running through the human body, music exists. When the lights are turned off, the air is silenced, the body is at a stand-still, music speaks.

For me, music(hip-hop to be exact) is the muse to my life. When my lights & the world seems to be at odds, I know I can always turn to the words of the great lyricists, the tones of incredible instruments, the heart, soul & passion of a being of this Earth.

But while music does its thang, i’ll do mine!

Over the years, I have found music to be the very instrument that can carry out tears, laughter, thoughts of joy,  forces of anger, & everything that comes in between.

Hip-hop is my muse.

As I embark on this journey called life, I will use hip-hop to be the console of my feelings. The words I will place on the page of a new experience is a stepping stone in the trail of evolution.

With all that being said, sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience I call……

Dani’s Digital Dialogue


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